Thursday, June 2, 2011


A) Sorry for the lack of posts! I couldn't find my camera cord! (And then I found it!)

B) I had family in town this Memorial Day weekend!! First, my Uncle Paul, soon to be Aunt Lori, and cousin Aidan came in. They came with their three crazy dogs. (One of which wears a diaper!) Hayden had a blast with Aidan! She loves playing with him! She wasn't exactly thrilled with the dogs though!

Then my Aunt Carole came in, followed by cousin Annelise and her boyfriend, Wyatt! It was fun seeing everyone. They all live in California. We all hung out at my grandma's house and went to Tanque Verde Guest Ranch for the amazing brunch on Sunday!

Here we are, 3 of the 4 cousins. Annelise's brother, Darin, couldn't make it.
Uncle Paul playing around with Aidan.
The three kids with Grandma. (Mom, Grandma, Uncle Paul, Aunt Carole)
Annelise and myself, note the baby Staci and baby Annelise on the wall.
Ella sacked out from a long day.
Aidan and Hayden having dinner while Mama and Daddy went to dinner with Annelise, Wyatt, Aunt Carole, Uncle Paul and Lori. Aidan's thrilled.
Playing with Daddy during the WINDY day at T.V. Guest Ranch
Checking everything out
Our little family
So windy!

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