Thursday, June 9, 2011

4 Years and Counting

4 years ago, I married my best friend on Best Friend's Day! June 8, 2007. It was a glorious, albeit, HOT day. That's what you get for getting married in June in Tucson, AZ! Everything was perfect.

4 years later, we have the most beautiful girls in the whole, entire world. Yup, I just pulled that card.
Ella had her very first taste of rice cereal today. She was thrilled as you can see!
Hayden had to try what her sister was eating. She immediately gave me the stink face, grabbed it out of her mouth, threw it on my leg and starting gagging. I'm guessing she won't want to taste it again.

Will and I went on a date too! My mom came over to watch the girls after work. (I'm so, incredibly thankful that we we still live where my family is!) We went to Macaroni Grill for some yumminess, then planned on seeing a movie. The movie idea fell through when we decided there was nothing that we really wanted to see. We ended up walking around the mall for a little bit then went to Coldstone Creamery! Yay for Birthday Cake Remix!

It was a wonderful day. I love my man. Even through our ups and downs, it's forever. He's never getting rid of me (Mu hahahahaha.... evil laugh!)

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