Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turning 2

We celebrated Hayden's 2nd birthday yesterday! What an amazing time we had! We had a lot of friends meet us at the splash pad park! Hayden had a ton of fun with her Daddy running through the water! She was so exhausted from the fun that as soon as she was in the car, she was passed out!

We made sure to give love to Ella!
Opened half of the awesome presents! (Attention span of a two year old is not much, so we opened the rest at home!)
Ate ladybug cupcakes that Mama made!
Ate Eegees! If you don't know what Eegee's is, it's like shaved ice but WAY better, and you really should come to Tucson to try it!

Hayden, I hope you had great time! I love you!

The amazing pics (not the regular ones...) are thanks to our friends, The Robolds. Find Evan's awesomeness at Evan Robold Photography.

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