Sunday, May 29, 2011

The burn!

Last night at my Grandma's house, Hayden walked to my mom, who was getting herself some spaghetti from the stove. Hayden reached up and grabbed the edge of a cookie sheet that was hanging off the edge of the stove. None of us saw that the burner that the cookie sheet was on, was left on. It was red hot and Hayden grabbing it for that split second burned her poor baby hand! It was awful! We ran it under water and dunked her hand in a bowl of ice water, put aloe on it, and gave her Tylenol. Thankfully my uncle and future aunt were there and are both nurses. They said to give it air and not to wrap it. Her poor hand has blisters on her palm and her four finger tips. It was so scary and all I wanted to do was take her pain away. I gave her another half dose of Tylenol before bed, and thankfully she slept fine. She woke up this morning showing me her hand and saying "Ow!"

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