Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi! My name is Drama.

She's pretty cute, right? Riiiight. Don't let that face fool you. Note the bags under her eyes, note the crazy hair. (She does have two pigtails going on, but one got wacked out during her nap.) Anywho, I've changed her name to Drama. Terrible twos are hitting this girl hard. She woke up from her nap by throwing a GIGANTIC fit. The kind of fit where she throws herself backward every chance she can get, screams and cries, does the wet noodle when I try to pick her up, and nothing will soothe her--- except for going outside. Yah, weird, but it's the only thing that calms her down, most of the time.

My sleeping angel, who slept for 2 whole hours like this...

Finally calmed down after a change to jammies and some fresh air.
I know you're thinking, that there's no way this adorable girl is crazy.
Just look at her, so sweet and wiping Daddy's face after lunch at Olive Garden.

And giving her Daddy kisses...

Being a good girl, enjoying an Eegee...

Had to throw in some adorable pics of sweet, sweet Ella bug, (who can go a little crazy herself...)
Enjoying some Mommy time while Hayden slept.
Here we go... her is Drama in the flesh. I know you're probably thinking again, "You took a picture instead of trying to calm her?!" Yep, I did. There was no calming this drama queen. She was mad about leaving the store. She kicked, screamed, cried, screamed some more the whole way home. Sigh.

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