Saturday, February 25, 2012

Golf N' Stuff... Can't Get Enough

We're lucky here in AZ to have Rodeo Break! Two days off to celebrate our AZ heritage. Do you think we'd actually go to the rodeo? Ha! Maybe someday, but yesterday we went to mini golf! Hayden had such a blast hitting the ball then chasing it down. She's gotten a lot of practice at Papa and Grammy's house because they have a little putting green in their backyard.

Hole in one!

"I got it!"

Ella wanted in on the action!

We got in a few arcade games.

Then came the mother of all meltdowns as soon as we got to the car. She was so tired because she woke up at 4 am. Yes, 4 am. She kicked and screamed until she put herself to sleep. What a way to end a fun day.

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